halo cigs websiteHalo Cigs are among the best e-cigarettes we have tested to date. Regardless of whether you buy the slimmer G6 batteries or the larger, ego-style Triton batteries, Halo gives you a wide variety of color choices. Tanks and clearomizers are similarly available in many styles and colors, allowing users to create an e-cigarette look that suits their taste. Recent promotions include Halo Cigs coupon codes and free shipping on larger orders.

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It seems that people have quite a lot to say about Halo Cigs on YouTube. Videos include reviews of smoke juice flavors, batteries, starter kits, and other products offered by Halo. Here are a couple reviews of two of the more popular starter kits:



Our Halo Cigs Review

Discounted Halo Cigs G6 Starter KitWhile Halo Cigs’ products tend to be slightly more expensive than what is offered by other companies, the quality offered by Halo is clearly superior. Even the product packaging is more impressive than what competitors offer – the starter kits, for example, come in elegant black boxes with cartomizers that are sealed in sturdy plastic cases.

We tested the slimmer, G6 batteries and found them to be very well made. All batteries are sealed, minimizing any likelihood that leaking cartomizers will damage your batteries. Equally important, we found that the batteries hold their charges well and last for quite a long time. Therefore, even though you may pay a couple dollars more for G6 batteries, you will probably end up saving money in the long run because of how long the batteries last.

Although G6 batteries have KR808 threading, it is recommended that you only use G6 chargers instead of generic KR808 chargers. We made the mistake of attempting to charge a G6 using a Kanger charger. This did not damage the battery, however, the charger failed to indicate when the battery was fully charged. The USB chargers, however, are only $6.99 and are included as part of the G6 starter kit. On occasion, chargers are also offered at discounts if you use the appropriate coupon.

Customers have the choice to use G6 batteries with either G6 cartomizers or clearomizers. The cartomizers offered by Halo are very well made and deliver flavor much better than just about any other cartomizer available on the market. The clearomizers, on the other hand, were more or less clones of  the Kanger T4, which you can purchase elsewhere for a lower price.

We have not yet tested the Triton line of batteries, but we have heard many great things about them. The Triton line falls under a category called Vape Pens, and these thicker batteries come in a variety of colors and sizes. One thing you should be aware of is that although Triton batteries are essentially ego batteries, they are KR808 threaded. This means that any cartomizer or clearomizer you use with a G6 battery will be fully compatible with a Triton battery should you decide to upgrade your setup. This product is ideal for intermediate vapers who wants to use tanks or clearomizers in conjunction with a strong but simple-to-use vaporizer.

Lastly, Halo offers two Mods, called the Tracer and Reactor. The Tracer Mod battery comes with a capacity of 2,600 mAh and is sure to last all day long regardless of how much you vape. This durable, high-quality battery is offered for $29.99, which is an attractive price for a battery of this caliber. The larger, Reactor Mod resembles a lighter in appearance, and offers a whopping 4,400 mAh in terms of capacity. The Reactor Mod also has a fancy LED display that provides wattage information. The Tracer and Reactor seem to be recent additions to the Halo product line, as they were not available when we first created this page.

Starter kits are available for whichever battery you choose, and this is often the smartest way to get everything you need. By choosing a starter kit, you can often realize significant savings (even before you take advantage of any Halo coupons). Starter kits range in price from $44.99 to $69.99, with the option to customize each kit with extra batteries, your color selection, and optional bottles of e-juice.

As you may expect, Halo also provides an ever-growing selection of e-liquids. You’ll find everything from traditional tobacco flavors to more exotic flavors like pomegranate. Bottle sizes range from 7 ml to 30 ml. Sample packs containing 6 flavors are available if you cannot decide on which flavor to order. As with all e-liquids, you will be able to choose the nicotine strength when you place an order. Customers can also purchase a special type of e-liquid called V-type, which is a mostly VG-based e-liquid that is meant to be used for sub-ohm vaping devices. Notably, all e-liquids are made in America, and do not contain Diacetyl or Acetyl Propoinyl, two chemicals that have been connected to increased cases on lung cancer, according to the CDC.

Other Ways to Save

In addition to using a Halo Cigs coupon, there are many other ways you can save money when you shop at the online store. One thing you can do is sign up for the newsletter, which will alert you about new products, updates to the site, and any special deals that are going on. Also, if you register for an account (which you should do the first time you place an order), you will receive rewards points for each purchase you make. You can quickly accumulate extra points by doing things like writing reviews, sharing on social networking sites, or referring friends. Reward points can be redeemed later for free products that are listed in the rewards catalog.

In conclusion, we believe that Halo products are a good buy even though they might be slightly more expensive than other options. If quality and style are your most important criteria, then look no further than Halo Cigs.

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