v2 cigs websiteV2 Cigs is a highly popular brand of e-cigarettes, especially for new vapers. The company offers a great selection of starter kits at various price points. The entry-level V2 Express Kit, for example, is available for just $24.95 and by using a V2 Cigs coupon below, you can get 15% off. If you have been thinking of trying e-cigarettes but don’t want to risk too much money, you should seriously consider ordering a V2 Cigs starter kit given the reasonable starting prices.

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What You Get With a Typical Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Starter kitV2 Cigs is among the most recognized brands of e-cigarettes, in part because of its excellent marketing and also because of the high-quality products that the company offers. Compared to other brands, V2 Cigs provides consumers with a wider variety of choices. For those who prefer slim batteries, we recommend the Classic Series, which are economically priced and well made. The Classic Series is a great place to start for beginning vapers, and entry-level starter kits for this battery line start at just $34.95.

For a few more dollars, customers can purchase the EX Series, which offers much more battery life and allows users to get as many as 300 puffs per charge. These elegant e-cigarettes come in five different styles and includes a cartridge sleeve. The EX battery has LED lights that indicate how much battery life is remaining, and similarly, the EX cartridges have a small window that shows you the amount of e-liquid that you have left in the cartridge. Although more advanced and longer-lasting, the EX batteries are only slightly larger than the Classic batteries.

Most recently, V2 Cigs introduced a line of highly versatile batteries called V2 Pro. These batteries are vaporizer pens that allow you to use liquid, loose leaf, and essential oil cartridges. So far, only the entry-level Series 3 battery has been released, but more advanced V2 Pro batteries will become available in the coming months. The V2 Pro batteries aren’t cheap, starting at $69.95, going all the way up to $249.95 for the most technologically advanced unit.

Overall, V2 Cigs is a solid e-cigarette company with many great products and accessories. Their products cater to both beginning as well as advanced vapers, and prices on the whole are reasonable. To get the best deals, don’t forget to use the V2 Cigs coupons on this page when you place an order.

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