volcano ecigs websiteBased in Hawaii, Volcano is a popular e-cig company that provides a diverse line of electronic cigarette products and U.S.-made e-liquids. Currently, Volcano offers three main battery types, from the “cigalike” Magma to the highly complex, variable voltage device known as Lavatube. The easiest way to get started is by purchasing one of the starter kits, which you can obtain below for a discount (No coupon code required).

Current Volcano Ecig Promotions

The Three Major Product Lines

As mentioned above, Volcano has three main e-cigarette products. The Magma batteries are small and convenient, while the Inferno batteries are larger and offer a much longer battery life (up to 15 hours between charges). Finally, there are the Lavatube batteries that offer users the ability to adjust the voltage and wattage of the batteries for a more personalized vaping experience. For more on each battery type, view the videos below:



Which Battery or Starter Kit Should You Choose?

One thing you may notice about Volcano E-cigs is that their starter kits tend to cost more than the kits from many competitors. With that said, Volcano starter kits do give you a lot more for your money. For example, the Magma starter kits come with something called an M-pack, which is essentially a portable charger. This can definitely come in handy for users of smaller e-cigs because small batteries generally do not last very long.

Here is some guidance on which battery or starter kit to choose:

Volcano Ecig CouponMagma – This is the best option if you are getting started with e-cigs. Magma e-cigarettes are 510-threaded batteries that are small, powerful and compatible with many devices. Because these batteries are about the same size as standard cigarettes, they are both portable and convenient. A starter kit costs $59.99. If you don’t want the M-pack, you can get started for less by purchasing just the battery, charger and cartomizers separately.

Inferno – These batteries are essentially branded ego-style batteries. If you want to use tanks or clearomizers, you should get these batteries because they will last much longer for you. People who generally vape the equivalent of a pack a day or more should choose the Inferno vaporizer instead of the Magma. Inferno starter kits are $79.99.

Lavatube – If you are looking for a high-quality mod or variable voltage/variable wattage e-cigarette battery, Lavatubes are an excellent option to consider. This excellent vaporizer comes in 10 different colors and provides up to 6 volts and 15 watts of power. In addition, Lavatubes come with an LCD display, which is standard for mods of this quality. The Lavatube battery, however, is not cheap. Lavatube starter kits sell for $139.99. However, consumers who favor sophisticated batteries such as the Lavatube generally like to tinker around quite a bit with their setups. For this reason, it might be a better choice to just get the battery and buy the other components you want separately from Volcano E-cigs or another vendor. This way, you’ll be able to mix and match components until you end up with the custom setup that best suits your needs.

Mech Mods – Mech (mechanical) mods are also available from Volcano. Currently, there are three models to choose from: The Tephra 1 Mod, the Tephra 2 Mod, and the Pele Mod, which you could say is the ultimate mod, fashioned out of 100% stainless steel (the first of its kind according to the website). Prices are around $50 for the Tephra Mods, while the Pele Mod costs $139.99. Keep in mind that these prices are just for the devices themselves, and you’ll need to pay extra for batteries, sleeves, or atomizers.

The video below provides further information about the Pele Mod:

Note that starter kits are among the most heavily discounted items at Volcano Ecig, and by using a coupon, you can often save over 50%. Therefore, new customers will usually come out ahead by purchasing starter kits instead of buying individual accessories or components.

Volcano Ecig also offers a nice selection of e-liquids. The most popular flavors seem to be tobacco and menthol flavors, but the company also offers a wide range of other flavors to choose from. This can be a boon for those who like to experiment with their e-juice flavors. Moreover, since the company is based in Hawaii, you can expect to find many distinct flavors such as Maui Mango and Waikiki Watermelon, among many others.

Other Ways to Get Discounts

Volcano Ecig has a loyalty and rewards program that is free to join. By setting up an account, you will receive points in one of two ways. First, you can accumulate points by making purchases on the website. Secondly, you will be awarded points when you refer friends to the website. Points are transferable, meaning that you can send your points to other account holders should you decide to do this for whatever reason.

Given that customers get free shipping on all orders over $50, it is also a good idea to make sure that your order is large enough to meet this threshold. Last but no least, there is a sales page on the website where you can view clearance items, which are typically sold at a steep discount, often saving you as much as 40% over regular prices. In most casesy, you won’t find the most popular items listed on this page, but it’s still a good place to check if you are looking to save some money, especially on items like e-liquids or accessories.

As you can see, Volcano offers something for every kind of vaper. Its products, while pricey, are very high in quality and will not disappoint even the most discriminating e-cigarette hobbyist. To get the best prices possible and to maximize savings, remember to take advantage of the Volcano Ecig coupons and other discounts available on this page. We will continue to update this page and add new promotions as they become available.

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