white cloud e-cigarettesWhite Cloud is a highly regarded brand of e-cigarettes that are well-suited for both new and experienced e-cigarette users who favor simplicity. The website offers a handful of slender, “cigalike” batteries that are easy to set up, along with dozens of e-cig flavors. Currently, they do not offer mods or thicker, ego-style batteries. That said, for people who want an easy-to-use e-cigarette, White Cloud offers everything you need at affordable prices. By using the White Cloud coupons below, you can get some nice bargains on batteries, startup kits, and cartridges.

White Cloud E-cig Promotions:

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Video Reviews

At White Cloud’s YouTube Channel, you will find a large number of videos that cover a variety of topics, including everything from product explanations and faqs to videos on how to use the website. For example, the video below shows you how you can use a coupon when you check out:

It’s always a good idea to not just view the videos uploaded by White Cloud, but also watch customer videos where they review the electronic cigarettes they purchased. Below are a sample of some video reviews we found on YouTube:


Selecting a Starter Kit

cirrus e-cigarette size comparisonsSelecting products at White Cloud is relatively easy, since they do not have dozens of complicated choices for you to make before placing an order. You will, however need to decide at the outset whether you want to get the disposable Fling cigarettes or the regular, rechargeable Cirrus batteries. In most cases, choosing the Cirrus batteries is the better choice since you will end up saving money in the long run. In addition, ordering starter kits is a great way to gather all the products and accessories you need at a discounted price. There are several different starter kits to choose from, and they differ in the type of battery and number of accessories they come with.

Cirrus 2 Starter Kit – This kit starts at $39.95, and is probably the kit that will make the most sense for the majority of users. It comes with two Cirrus 2 batteries, a recharger, and some cartridges. The Cirrus 2 batteries are pretty standard e-cigarette batteries that give you seven to nine hours of vaping time per charge. It takes about 90 minutes to recharge these batteries.

Cirrus 2 Plus Starter Kit – If you’re a heavy vaper, then this is the better kit for you since the recharger allows you to attach up to three batteries at once. Ironically, the kit only comes with two batteries, but you can always add an extra battery to your order for under $10. The kit itself costs $49.95.

Cirrus Omni Kit – This is a flexible, build-your-own type of kit that allows you to build your personal vaporized by choosing the battery and cartridge flavors you want. You should order this kit if you seek a customized combination of batteries, rechargers, and cartridges.

Aside from the Cirrus 2 battery, you have two other battery choices: the Cirrus 3 and the Cirrus 3x. The Cirrus 3 is a shorter e-cigarette, while the 3X is extra-long. The shorter battery offers a bit less vaping time between charges, while the 3X allows you to vape up to 10 – 12 hours on a single charge.

Startup kits are the best way to assemble everything you need at a discount and thereby save some money, which you can spend on extra cartridges or batteries if you want.

White cloud e-cig disposable fling cigarettesIn most cases, buying regular e-cigarettes is the smart move, but there are certainly instances when you may want to purchase disposable e-cigs, for example, when you are testing out a new brand or when you expect to do a lot of traveling. White Cloud’s Fling line of disposable e-cigs are among the best choices in the industry. When you order Flings cigarettes, you can choose the flavor and strength of each cigarette you order. For disposable e-cigs, Flings last a long time and also deliver quite a bit of flavor.

If there is one downside to White Cloud Ecig, it would be that their vaporizers are all geared toward beginners or people who otherwise prefer simple vaping setups. If you favor larger batteries or mods, you will definitely need to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, this company is one of the best ones you can choose if you are new to vaping and looking not just for easy-to-use e-cigs, but could also benefit from a one-stop shop for information, tutorials  and other educational resources.

Other Benefits and Deals

One thing we liked about White Cloud E-cig is that the website is very user-friendly and especially welcoming to individuals who are new to vaping. To help customers learn more about e-cigarettes, the website offers an entire section called “E-cig 101″ that offers quite a few articles as well as a series of “Vaping Tutorial” videos.

Although some customers may not care where their electronic cigarettes and accessories are made, there is a significant segment of the vaping community that questions the quality of products made overseas. For this reason, it’s worth mentioning that White Cloud’s products are 100% made in the USA.

Money Saving Tips

In addition to using the White Cloud coupon codes on this page, there are several other things you can do to get the best deals at this e-cigarette store. Joining the newsletter allows you to keep abreast of the latest news as well as any special promotions you can take advantage of. There is no rewards program available at this time, but we expect one to be added soon.

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